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And breathe…

Flu season is upon us and I have spent the last three weeks looking after my poorly kids and finally falling prey to the dreaded virus myself. It’s almost impossible to avoid some kind of cough or cold at this time of the year. Good old common sense things such a eating healthily, resting, staying hydrated and so on all help, as does the wonderful Pilates breathing. Breathe in through your nose, taking your breath into the backs and sides of your ribs rather than your chest and belly. This 3D breath will draw fresh air into the lower lungs. Now breathe out through a pursed lip, like you’re blowing out candles, to expel every bit of stale air and to work your transversus abdominis, one of the main core stability abdominal muscles. This lateral breathing is a fantastic way to oxygenate our blood, brains and muscles, to get our circulation going, to relax our shoulders, to rejuvenate the body and to relieve congestion!

Inevitably exercise can be shelved a bit with illness and the colder weather. Listen to your body and take a break if you need it, equally you don’t want to spread germs in a class. As soon as you can, get back to Pilates or whichever form of exercise you do. Being physically active helps to boost your immunity!

The lethargy that comes from inactivity and illness set in for me last week so, finally with everyone well, I went to my Pilates reformer and did a workout. Wow did it feel good to get my body moving again, to ease out the stiffness and feel my muscles coming alive. Most importantly for me, my naturally tight hamstrings got a stretch. Bliss. We then went on a family bike ride and the fresh air and nature felt fabulous. We’re back on form and raring to go. Now your turn…

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