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Group Pilates Classes

I offer a range of group pilates classes, including the following:


Group Matwork

Suitable for men and women of all levels. Adaptations and alternatives offered throughout the class where needed.

Pregnancy Pilates
A class to keep you fit, mobile and strong during the changes of pregnancy, including a focus on the pelvic floor and a relaxation at the end of the class.

Postnatal Pilates
A class to help you regain your shape after pregnancy, focusing on core muscles, posture and strength. Diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, symphysis pubis and other conditions are take into consideration in this class.

Mum with Baby Pilates
As with postnatal pilates but you can bring your baby along with you! Some bouncers and toys are provided. Suitable for babies who are non-movers.

Beginners Pilates

A class with all the benefits of pilates - core strength, flexibility, good posture - but at a more gentle pace. Suitable for rehab, starting pilates and getting back into fitness.

Sonia's Barre Workout

A cardio workout combining pilates, ballet and strength training. No tutus needed!

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